Our Story

Based in Nashville, TN, Trademark started singing together in 2010. In fact, their first public appearance was a flood relief benefit concert to help the victims of the Nashville flood in May 2010. In 2011 they placed in the top 5 groups (out of 250 groups) in the Regional Artist Showcase at the National Quartet Convention. In 2012, Trademark was honored to be invited to sing in the Featured Artist Showcase. Over the years the group has transitioned from a group of four men to the current group of three. Their concerts have been called fun, energetic and inspiring. They will lead you in worship, help you celebrate the risen King Jesus and maybe even make you laugh a little. Their desire is to put a smile on the face of God and to help the church claim the victory and joy that comes from serving our Lord and Savior.

David Howard

David is married to Terri and has one daughter named Amber. He has been singing Christian music for 30 plus years including time with the Seekers Quartet, The King's Own Quartet, and The Watchmen. He is known to be quite energetic and passionate about his music and hopes to be a positive influence on those he meets. David is featured on the songs, "God Is There," "Mercy Came Running" and Tell Me That's Not God."

Todd Green

Todd is married to Susan Green and has a daughter named Mary. Todd serves as the First Baptist Church Manchester near Nashville, TN. He has 2 degrees in music and is a songwriter. His high tenor voice has been called smooth and easy to listen to. He is featured on the songs "Leave It In The Water," "Letting You," "Dry Bones" and the Christmas song, "It's A Boy." He wrote and sings the song, "I Live To Make You Smile."

Amber Scott

Amber is the newest member to join the Trademark team. She is married to the love of her life, Garrett Scott. She has lived in the Nashville area most of her life and is the daughter of Trademark's very own, David Howard. We are happy to say that she got her mother's looks and her father's golden voice. 

This is the first time that Trademark has had a female singer in the group. We have been very pleased at how she has fit right into the mix and in many ways, made it even better. Since both David and Todd are both tenors, getting a harmony above them has been a challenge. Amber's incredible range makes her a perfect fit for the vocal structure of the group. Amber is featured on our newest album singing "Found" and "God's Got A Plan".