Music Video Release:

Here it is. Our first music video. 
We had such a great time shooting this. Thanks to Micah Schweinsburg at our 65/40 label who made this awesome video. 
This song, “Don’t Know It Yet,” is on our album, “Trademark: Leave It In The Water.” 

LEAVE IT IN THE WATER New Project is Here

Trademark has teamed up with Rick Schweinsberg, Anthony Johnson (of Gatlin Brothers fame) and the folks over at DayWind Records to produce a brand-new project of 10 original songs. In fact, we are also pleased to announce that Trademark has signed with the new Christian Country label "65/40."

Yes, you read it right. Our new project will be a Christian Country Album. Don't get us wrong; there will be no crying in your beer on this project. It may have the soulful sounds of country music but the message is pure "Jesus."

Listen here

Amber Scott joins Trademark

Amber is the newest member to join the Trademark team. She is married to the love of her life, Garrett Scott. She has lived in the Nashville area most of her life and is the daughter of Trademark's very own, David Howard. We are happy to say that she got her mother's looks and her father's golden voice.

This is the first time that Trademark has had a female singer in the group. We have been very please at how she has fit right into the mix and in many ways, made it even better. Since both David and Todd are both tenors, getting a harmony above them has been a challenge. Amber's incredible range makes her a perfect fit for the vocal structure of the group.

By the way, the girl can sing!! We can't wait for you to hear her.

Welcome Amber!

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